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more prayers


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I hate asking for this all the time.. I know that everyone has their own issues to deal with.

I could use some prayers, good thoughts etc. right now. Things are extemely difficult and I'm at the end of my rope.

My parents are both gone now and not much other close family except for my kids.. and I don't want my kids to know what's going on!! So I need a shoulder to cry on :cry::cry: and just knowing someone is saying a prayer for me gives me comfort.

thanks, Tami

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You got it! I also have big dry shoulders and a warm fuzzy blanket out of the dryer for those prayers!! Anytime ya need to write and rant and rave we are here!!

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Tami, prayers coming your way from here also.

Please share with us what is going on with you. We have strong shoulders for you to lean on. Sometimes it may help you go get this out in the open as you are keeping it bottled up inside.

You know you can tell us anything.

Continued prayers...


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