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And we try again for a baby.....


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Wasn't sure where to post this:

My surrogate has the embryo transfer this Friday. It is our embryo, just renting her uterus :) I can't get my hopes up, the only thing up is the expenses of trying to obtain a child :roll:;)

I go for my colonoscopy on Tues (Halloween). Brian didn't want to delay all of this baby stuff to see what happens with the hopefully lipoma.

My abdominal MRI on Thurs also showed it to be likely a lipoma and my mom's oncologist said a growth from 4.6 to 5.4cm in 3 months seems big to me, but in reality it is not b/c any scan can be off by .5cm depending on how you breathe. However he did say it is a large size, so he is not sure what they will do. Her visit with him on Friday was perfectly timed ;)

So I will see what happens on Tues and go from there.

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