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new here and so sad


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my mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer on Sept 25(my sons 15th birthday). I am trying to sort out all the info and am so overwhelmed it's crazy. I am just so sad all the time. My husband says that im the "rock" of the family and that if anyone can keep us all sane then its me. I dont know how that can be because at any moment of the day i feel as though my heart is breaking into a million pieces. She is in a hospital about 45 miutes away and has been there since her diagnosis. They started radiation and chemo right away and i wonder if she had a bad reaction because she seems to be getting worse by the day. I drive there in the mornings hoping to catch up with the doctors but that doesnt happen too often, then i drive home to be at work for 2:00 until 10:00pm then i start the cycle all over again except for my days off then im there all day until my dad gets there around 4:00. I cry on the way to and on the way from and in the shower and in the ladies room and every where else that i have a moment alone. How do i stop this from consuming my life?

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Oh Crystal,

First I have to welcome you to the boards. You have come to a truly amazing site. There are so many people here to support you, and to help you through this rollercoaster ride. I like to describe cancer as a rollercoaster ride that I never asked to climb on, and now it goes up and down, up and down.

Every day you will get stronger Crystal. What do you know about the SCLC that your mom was diagnosed with? Did you find any metastices (had it travelled anywhere else?)

Read my profile to know how this can be beat. There is hope, there are prayers for you, and there are answers to your questions. I truly believe finding out everything I could helped me to get to where I am today. Of course, I have had so much "cancer" in my life that I could hurl, but I have learned to manage it, and to TRY to let go and leg God.

You can do it! Stay strong, and please, let us know your questions or anything we can help you with. This is not a journey one should travel alone. You have come to a great place.



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Hi and welcome Crystal,

I'm so very sorry for all that you are going through. This desease is so terrible in it's ability to consume and effect all in it's path.

I wish the very best for you and your family. I hope you are able to find peace and strength to get you through the tough spots.

Warmest regards,


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FInding the Light in Cancers shadow is a book by Lynn Eib at your local book store. also our very own good news and survivors forums are great for inspiration and Hope stories. Keep us posted about what we can help with. Treatments side effects, anything. or just write and rave if it makes you feel better. sending prayers and a big warm blanket out of the dryer.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom..Hang in there and it's okay to cry. Just let it out and regroup. The support a person hasafter a cancer diagnosis, I feel, is vital to the healng process. Your mom is lucky to have you. You have to Keep on keeping on...



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Hello Crystal and welcome

I am sorry about your Mom's diagnosis. Please know that you have found a wonderful source of information, support and hope here on this site.

What you are going through now is pretty normal I think. As the treatment plan gets into place and you have some more information and answers this will get easier to deal with.

Let us know how we can help and know that we are and will be here for you.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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I am sorry that you are here. This is consuming. You love your mom, you don't want to lose her -- it is consuming. My mom passed away 10 months ago, yet the absolute panic of diagnosis is still very fresh to me. Learn everything you can, love your mom and try not to ask "why us?" There isn't an answer.

It sounds so dumb, but take each day as it comes and don't focus on tomorrow or the "what ifs." You are strong enough to handle today and will be strong enough to handle tomorrow when it comes.

we are here for you. I honestly believe I would not have made it without the people on this site.

With love and prayers of peace, comfort and strength,


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well, I spent all day yesterday with my mom at the hospital and it was a great day. They moved her from the cardiac unit(she was there cuz her heartbeat and stuff was all screwy) whre she was hooked up to ivs and monitors and things to a regular floor and now she just has oxygen. She was on I V because she was not eating or drinking for about 4 days. I finally got a hold of the MD and got some answers. Apparently because they did such agressive treatment in the begining(radiation and double doses of chemo both together for 3 days) then just radiation and she also had an infection on top of that her body kinda shut down to heal itself. They gave her a blood transfusion and that has helped also. Now my next thing is to go give blood because someone helped my mom and i want to help someone else. Her appetite is slowly returning and i feel like we've won a battle. I have never been so happy to see someone eat a bowl of soup (i was crying tears of joy). This whole crazy ride is teaching me to enjoy the little things. One day at a time>[/img]

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Hi-I just read your first post. Your story sounds so much like mine. My Birthday is Sept 25th-and that night my Mom (60) went to the Dr's to get a chest xray for SOB (she was fine up until Labor day) . We found out the next day it was SCLC and then found out 3 days later it's extensive-when we went for our 2nd opinion 2 weeks ago @ Univ of Penn we were admitted asap because the mass had grown so much that it was wrapped around her aorta and she had pneumonia. They said that she could die within 24 hours from a massive rupture of aorta. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and it was rough for the first 48 hours. After tons of antibiotics, fluid on the lung, a 0 white blood count from the chemo-she was realeased this Tues. I have since moved her in with me (my step-dad died 1.5 years ago from lung cancer-nsclc)This is our "NEW" reality & it has turned our lives upside down. I have 2 small kids 8 & 4. My husband said the same thing to me "you are the pillar of strength" for your brothers and family-I sure don't feel it. My Mom is more depressed now than she was in the hospital. I think reality is hitting her now that she is back in the real world and not in the hospital with a bunch of Dr's and nurses poking her all day long.

Sorry so long....email me anytime.

Take Care of yourself.


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