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New LC Car magnets


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There are new lung cancer awareness car magnets for sale in the Products forum. They are one of a kind made exclusively for LUNGevity and they have been on LUNGevity's website for some time now. Thought I'd post about them over here so that our membership would know they were available.

All proceeds go to funding lung cancer research thru LUNGevity Foundation.

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I have one and I think the magnet, along with the Lung Cancer Support Community licesene plate frames I have in front and back, saved me from a ticket two weeks ago :D

I got pulled over a block from my house for doing a rolling stop, they have nothing better to do here, and the cop was gruff but didn't give me a ticket. He asked where I was going and I said doctor appointment (which was true), and I got sent away and he wished me good luck :shock:

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