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ACS Funding letter to Government


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I'm all for increased funding...but is lung cancer high on the NCI's list of priorities?

I'm not poopooing or anything, but thus far in talking with people, I get the idea the NCI and the ACS don't seem to prioritize Lung Cancer at or near the top of the list even though it is the leading killer.

Maybe this is a discussion for a different thread...

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Nick, I think you're right about NCI and ACS - note that the letter is from American Lung Association, not the ACS - but nonetheless, increased funding for the NCI means proportionately more funds for lung cancer research. "A rising tide lifts all boats," so to speak.

Legislators get mountains of these Internet form letters, so personalizing your letter just a little is important to make it stand out. I modified my letter thus:


I am writing today to urge you to increase the National Cancer Institute budget to $5.003 billion.

Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer. An estimated 350,679 Americans are living with lung cancer. This year 163,510 Americans will die from lung cancer. At present, only fifteen percent of those diagnosed live longer than five years. Recent research has shown, however, that with enough effort and adequate funding, this dismal statistic can be improved.

Given the magnitude of the lung cancer and the enormity of the death toll, it is important that the NIH and other federal research programs commit additional resources to lung cancer research programs. Lung cancer does not have to be a death sentence if we care enough to do the research and provide the care needed by people at risk.

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You can only send this letter one time. Modify or whatever but please send it. Lung CAncer needs every dollar we can get by any means possible.

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Teresa makes a good point. This is NOT ACS. All ACS want to talk about is prevention/stop smoking. They are now concentrating on the minority. We are up to 60% of those diagnosed today being non-smokers and smokers that quit.

I did send this some time ago...so don't get me wrong, I believe in trying from all sides to get more funding. Just wish ACS would become more diversified in their approach.


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