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Too Much Kentucky Fried Chicken? UPDATE

cindi o'h

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But, oh Miss Cindi loves her original breast meal.

Doctor says he wants to see my heart ateries in the morning, so I will let him. I have been having heart symptoms again.. (pain in left arm and now swelling in calves and feet, more shortness of breath)


If it's not one thing, it's another!

I did have a margarita day before yesterday though, so that was a very good thing!

Who will man the pub while I am gone.

Geez I hope he doesn't have to crack my chest. If he does, I'll ask him to lift the girls just a wee bit as long as he's there.

They need a pick me up.


Cindi o'h

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Hi Cindi,

Sorry to hear that news girlfriend. I know every once in a while you go through this water thing, Hopefully all they will have to do is tap in and get that water out and you will be fine. Are you sure your not a Pices instead of an Aries??

I really don't think it is your heart just the fluid that is making the sypmtoms and the SOB

Will be thinking of you, find a way to let us know.

Or like others said, maybe they have to clean all the KFC out of your arteries, I don't think the Margerita had anything to do with it.

Keep us posted...

Maryanne :wink:

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I hope the pictures of your heart have a smile in the middle of them. Your heart is a giant one full of love and laughter. As for the KFC, well, I must admit that I cheat with extra crispy legs now and again. My husband had open heart surgery 14 years ago and he runs 2 or 3 miles every day and looks and feels good. Course that is my opinion and you'll have to ask him what he thinks about it. No kidding, he was 44 years old and has done wonderfully. Take care Cindi. I'll stop by the pub every once and a while and make sure Ry keeps reordering all the booze she drinks.


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To justify KFC at least it is white meat not dark or those bowl things. Prayers and big warm fuzzy blanket out of dryer for comfort.

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I'm so sorry to hear that MORE 'stuff' needs to be done, Cindi :? . You better believe that I'm hoping it can be a quick fix somehow and you will be back behind the bar before we know it. Guess Ry will make a good sub though.........just don't be gone too long, ya hear?

Prayers for only GOOD reports, Cindi. I'm pulling for ya!



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Cindi....you crack me!!! Some people would do just about anything to get the girls lifted...lol! I just know everything will be fine! I have a very close connection with someone up above and I know He's going to see to it that everything is alright!!! Please keep us posted!!!

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Oh, Cindi, I do feel your pain! My internist (cardiology specialty) got all nuts about my cholesterol levels and advised me to stay away from that which comes from that which walks on 4 legs. Bah! I miss cheese, I miss burgers, I miss ice cream -- but I feel FANTASTIC! I would never have thought it before, but baked chicken does not necessarily have to be the devil.

Best to forget about the finger lickin' for a bit and concentrate on the ticker tickin' instead. We need our Cindi back as quickly as possible!

Feel better.


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Home again home again, jiggety jig.

Piece o'cake.

Doctor used a "Perclose" technique so that I didn't have to lie there immobilized all day with that weight on the femoral artery.

He didn't find any significant blockages. He said I have lung disease and have had lots of chemo and radiation to that whole area. Maybe that is what is causing my symptoms. I am glad the arteries are looking okay.

Already stopped by KFC on my way home.

Cindi o'h

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