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Getting to Know You - October 26


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Just for a minute, lets imagine that some little green men have come into your home and have told you they are taking you to their planet. They tell you that you can take one thing, from your home, with you on the spaceship. You look around your home and decide to take _____________________________???

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Well, since they have told me they are taking me and not asking if I want to go, I'll be taking my purse and thinking of ways to MacGyver myself back home!

Phone and computer won't work without some access to a landline (live in the boonies, cell phone doesn't work here, let alone another planet).

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I think I'd have to take my family photo album, just in case they didn't allow me to return. I would love to have creature features like cell phone and computer but not sure they'd work way out there in space...lol!

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