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Today Show Airs Lung Cancer Segment


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:D:D:D I was thrilled this morning when Meredith on the Today show introduced a story on Early Screening for People at Risk for Lung Cancer. She even admitted she was a former smoker on air and a candidate for this CT screening. I sent NBC a thank you email to encourage more stoires. Please send the Today show an email at: today@nbc.com

Copy of my email below:

Today Show Editors & Staff-

Thank you for airing a news story on Lung Cancer screening this morning on the Today Show. Lung cancer kills more people than the next six cancers COMBINED – including breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney and melanoma Can you believe that 163,510 Americans will be lost to lung cancer this year – the equivalent of 9/11 happening 53 times in a single year? My beautiful mom is 56 and was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer last month and is currently fighting for her life. This is a terrible disease that may be detected with early screening. People's loved ones are dying of this cancer and it is time it received more attention, funding and an early screening detection program (like breast, prostate, etc...).

The Facts (Source: The American Cancer Society)

• Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women.

• More people will die of lung cancer this year than of colon, breast, and prostate cancer combined.

• In 2005, there will be over 170,000 new cases of lung cancer.

• Over 163,000 people will die of this disease: 95,000 men and 68,000 women

• The one-year survival rate (1997) for lung cancer is 41% and has not changed significantly in 10 years.

• The five-year survival rate for all stages of lung cancer is 16% and has not changed significantly in many years.

• For people whose cancer is found and treated early with surgery, before it has spread to lymph nodes or other organs, the average 5-year survival rate is about 48%. However, only 15% of people with lung cancer are diagnosed at this early, localized stage

• 14,350 Californians will succumb to the disease in 2005

• Over 170,000 Americans will be diagnosed this year, most at a very advanced stage

• Lung cancer will kill more women than breast, cervical and ovarian cancer combined

• Lung cancer will kill 3 times as many men as prostate cancer

• While 5-year survival rates for most other cancers have increased dramatically during the last 30 years, lung cancer has remained virtually the same at 15% for all stages combined

• 50% of new lung cancer cases are in former smokers, many who stopped decades ago and 10-15% never smoked (perhaps 25,000!)

Keep airing stories that save lives and change attitudes.


Candy Judson

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My e-mail:

Thank you for airing the segment on early detection of Lung Cancer.

My mother passed away 3 weeks ago today from Lung Cancer. And what frustrated her most was the current tests (x-rays and tumor markers), which she did every year, did not detect her cancer. The CT scan would have. I have met the lead doctor doing this research, Dr. Claudia Henschke. She is a wonderful and bright person who has devoted herself and her work to making detection that WILL save lives the standard test for all those at risk. I would love to see you have her on your program.

So many people die each year (approx. 170,000). No one "deserves" lung cancer. Before you know it, you are too sick to be treated. I hope to see several more segments during Novemeber as it is Lung Cancer awareness month. Perhaps you should invite Dr. Henschke to your program for a segment.

Best regards,

Nicholas T. Cappiello III, CPA

Director of Financial Reporting

USI Holdings Corporation

(P) (914) 749-8566

(F) (610) 537-2492

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