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Mom is coming Home today


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I cannot believe how lucky we are with my mother's recent recurrance. She had surgery Tuesday and I just got a call to go and pick her up and take her home. She is walking and eating and breathing fine...

She also finally quit smoking , its been 14 days today!! so she feels better from that too.

We find out next week if there will be any chemo, but I thought the surgeon told me it was not necessary. That man has found time to visit her twice a day every day she was in there, which I think is great. Some of the nurses told me that he is one of the few who stop in and says hello twice a day. We are so lucky that we ran into him 3 years ago.

I am hoping that others can hear these types of stories and get some hope. 3 years ago they told us to expect months, she beat it, and when it came back last month, to be honest I was really thinking things could not work out so well again, and they did. The surgeon told us to expect mnay many healhty years.

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