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Oncol visit


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Saw oncologist today. He said my blood is fine. I complained about coughing up phlegm and had a slight fever with chills in September and kept getting a fever on and off. I told him my diagnosis was I had an upper respiratory infection .

He examined me and said it sounds like I have some fluid around my lung. I suspected that might be true but was hoping it was not true. I already had a surgical procedure to help this but it seems like it is coming back. I have been short of breath.

He wanted a CT scan but I opted for an xray and if needed will get a CT scan later. I see my pulminary specialist on 11/7 and will get an xray done then. Not too happy but at least I am still here, waking up every day, and walking my dog. And eating. All good signs. :)

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I'm so sorry to hear this might be back for you.

I also think it's sorta common for fluid to come back and be a pain in the rear once you've had it happen.

I am concerned as to why you didn't want to get the CT scan? What did the x-ray show? In my opinion you need to stay on top of this fluid and or infection and get it dealt and out of there ASAP. Things can happen so quickly with this disease that waiting usually isn't a real good idea. But, it's your choice.

Could I ask a favor of you? Could you take a minute and fill out your Profile for us so we can better understand your situation and also that allows us to help you better. Just click on MY PROFILE and fill it in. Me not having a good memory anymore as to who has what and not being able to see any profile sorta makes my head spin in confussion. :roll::wink:

I hope your feeling better soon.

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Sorry that you are experiencing these issues again. Did you have the pleural area sealed in the procedure you mentioned? Pleurodesis? I didn't know it can come back after that procedure.

Hmmm... we are toying with Tony having this done and this isn't sounding like the road we want to take if it comes back. We are also looking into having drains "installed".

My best to you,


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Welthy, I had a pleural effusion drained twice and a pleuradosis sp? done in Nov 2005. There are no guarantees. The success rate for lung cancer patients who are missing part of a lung is around 60%. Heart patients have a higher rate of success.

It can come back but I was told it was better to do it than just keep getting it drained. I don't remember the reason the surgeon gave but he did say I should have had it done at least 6 months soon. I didn't realize that or I would have had it done sooner which might have increased my chances of success. Also, the oncol thinks it's not a lot of fluid. But it can come back. His doctor can give reasons why it should be done.

The xray can be compared to the one taken 6 months ago. I am sick of tests and unless it's really necessary, I'd rather have an xray than a CT scan.

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connie, I can fill in my profile. My problem is I had a lot of notes about my illness and when my computer crashed I lost the notes on that computer. I do have back up disks that I made every once in awhile and just need to find. I have a new computer and just never bothered to copy data over. The only thing I copied to my new computer were pics of my dogs. (you can tell where my priorities are).

Actually I have a ghost copy of my old computer on an external hard drive and plugged it in to my new computer just this week. I found I can access my old files but don't remember when I did the ghost copy so I might be missing about a year or so. I haven't checked it yet.

My xrays are 6 months old and a new xray can be compared to the old ones. If my dr's want more info I will of course get a new CT scan. My oncol wants a CT scan done by the last place to do it which is the hospital. It's such a pain going there and you wait so long, but if I have to I will.

My family dr takes care of me when I get a fever but it goes away before I even have time to call him. I see him in 3 weeks unless the fever comes back then I intend to call him. I see the pulminary specialist in 1 1/2 weeks.

Thanks every one for your support and caring.

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