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UTI, night sweats and panic attacks. Oh my!

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The night sweats are most likely related to the urinary infection when his fever breaks in the night. If they can knock that out with some antibiotics he may get some relief. Have him drink cranberry juice to prevent another one. Does he have xanax or antivan? It will help the anxiety...hang in there.

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Zow! I know what you mean about sneaking in and taking advantage. Tony has become more of a worry-wort than I am --- and that is saying A LOT! He frets over the smallest and weirdest things since all this began. He doesn't worry about the cancer, but goes off on all other insignificant things.

Tony had night sweats from the cancer before he was diagnosed and they eased with chemo. I do think your Dad's are tied into the UTI though, makes more sense.

Hope things look up for him!


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UTIs are horrible! Night sweats, fever...which can cause confusion, dehydration, etc. I was once told by a nursing home attendant...that some people are often misdiagnosed with alzheimers, when in reality they have a severe UTI(which can be fairly common in older people). With my Mom (no cancer, but elderly), it takes 7-10 days of antibotics to get things back under control. She is also on medicine for nerves.

Hoping and prayers it gets turned around.


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