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Let's Beat Big Tobacco on Nov. 7th!


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From Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids:

By now we all know about Big Tobacco's political dirty tricks. But what happens when they put almost $100 million behind those tricks?

The answer is that we have big problems and we urgently need your help before Election Day - November 7th.

Right now, in seven states, tobacco control activists are fighting with everything they have to pass life-saving policies. They're campaigning for ballot measures that will give people the right to breathe smoke-free air or raise tobacco taxes and fund tobacco prevention programs. Those states are:

Arizona - California - Florida - Missouri - Nevada - Ohio - South Dakota

But Big Tobacco is fighting back in an effort to protect their bottom line. They are spending close to an unprecedented and shocking $100 million in Arizona, California, Missouri and Ohio alone to defeat these ballot measures. Do you need any more proof of the impact these ballot measures will have in reducing smoking and preventing the death and disease that result?

We are appealing to you to contact everyone you know in these states --spread the word to vote YES on life-saving ballot measures on Election Day. If we all don't step up and help, health gains will be stomped out instead of cigarettes.

If you know people in these key seven states, please click on the state below to send emails urging your friends to vote for the life-saving ballot measure in their state. Please contact as many people as possible.

Arizona - California - Florida - Missouri - Nevada - Ohio - South Dakota

After you have reached out to friends and family in one state, return to this alert to spread the word in other states.

R.J. Reynolds isn't just pouring in millions to fight these ballot measures. R.J. Reynolds is also sponsoring their own counter-measures with deceitful names like "Smoke-Less Ohio" designed to confuse and trick voters into actually rolling back existing health protections. And in California and Missouri, health advocates have been forced to appeal to television stations to pull Big Tobacco advertising with false and misleading statements designed to confuse voters.

Do you think Big Tobacco's spending almost $100 million to save lives?

We don't have anything close to the kind of money being spent by Big Tobacco and we can't beat that kind of money on our own. But we do have concerned and committed people like you, and that can be the difference. We need your help.

We need you to help us spread the word to as many people as possible in these states - vote YES on Election Day for life-saving measures (and also vote NO in Ohio, Arizona and Nevada against Big Tobacco's counter measures).

Election Day is 11 days away! Help make sure your friends and family in these states aren't the ones tricked by Big Tobacco. And urge them to spread the word throughout their state. These life-saving ballot measures will reduce smoking rates and the terrible toll tobacco takes on our nation.

Thank you for your help before November 7th. These are very tough fights, but we can win if everyone you know gets out to vote the right way on Tuesday, November 7th.


Matt Myers


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

P.S. Click here to learn more about these ballot initiatives and what you can do to support them.

This message is authorized by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, based in Washington, DC, that works in your state and nationwide to prevent and reduce tobacco use and to protect the right of every American to breathe smoke-free air. The Campaign does not support or oppose any candidate for elected office, and does not accept any funding or other support from any government or tobacco industry sources. This message was paid for by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (1400 I Street NW, Suite 1200, Washington, D.C. 20005) from its general and non-contributed revenues. For more information, please visit the Campaign's website at www.tobaccofreekids.org.

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Hi tnmynatt, I had to think twice about voting for CA's prop 86. It is expected to generate over $2 billion per year by placing $2.80 additional tax per pack of cigarettes, BUT only $10 million of that will actually go to lung cancer research. Never mind the $100 million or so of it that will go toward breast and colon cancer.

Still if it stops teens from starting smoking, it is good thing. Barb

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Yeah Barb I was just reading about prop 86 the other night and I am like wait, why is so much going to breast cancer and not as much to lung???

I am voting for it just b/c the funds are going to something good and why not tax people for smoking. I am not anti-smoking, people can smoke, as long as it is not in my face. But if they want to, they can pay a few cents more. Sort of like if they started to tax cookies and I wanted my cookie, I'd just pay a bit more :)

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