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Lost a couple things over the past few days

Fay A.

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Supplemental Oxygen for one thing...... during my Pulmonary Function Tests on Monday I inhaled very deeply, and felt the bottom part of my lung open up... At first, I thought that the Prednisone I was taking (to counter allergic reactions to the dye used on the CT scan scheduled after the PFTs) was making it easier to breathe, and that may have been the case at first, but the partially collapsed lower lung opened up and has stayed open. I was tested again 3 days later and I still didn't need the Oxygen. It doesn't mean I can walk all that fast...nor does it mean I can climb stairs easily, nor sing an aria, or recover easily from any physical exertion. It just means that I can now do things without supplemental oxygen. And it is my intent to be able to walk up stairs, sing arias, and walk fast at some point. But for now I still end up breathing like a prank phone caller....but I'm doing it on my OWN steam!

One of the large skin nodules (size of a quarter) has shrunk and is now smaller than a pencil eraser since I started chemo a few weeks ago. This may not seem like a big deal, but since I have had to sit on this particular lump for the past few years it's kind of neat for it to be going away.

The other thing is quite a bit of my hair fell out today...I have a lot of it, so it doesn't really seem that obvious yet, but I figure by this time next week I shall have the perfect pate for an interesting henna tattoo.

My white counts fell, and I did pick up an infection, so I'm back on antibiotics again, but all things considered I'm doing okay..... Red counts fell and I needed a shot, but that's no big deal, either.

I am counting my blessings today....and there are many. I count you among them.

Fay A.

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Fay-You sound like things are going great!! Congrats! As for the hair-I have had mine fall out 2 different times, the first time in April 2001 I told my kids I was going to have 2 eyes tatooed on the back of my head-Then when the hair grew back in I could say, "I have eyes on the back of my head", and nobody would be able to see them. Ha! I did not do it but I sure thought about it. I am the last person you would think had a tatoo. BUT since the cancer I HAVE thought about it. 8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)

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