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Hello Everyone,

My mother passed away from lung cancer this past September after receiving her diagnosis in July of 2006. She was 63 years old and my best friend.

I have a wonderful support system but am having a very difficult time still believing that she is gone. My hope is that these boards will provide some comfort.


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Sarah welcome and sorry you have to be hear with us. Prayers for you and family for peace and comfort. Check out inspirations forum for some healing thoughts. Welcome and Prayers again.

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Sarah, welcome here. So sorry to hear your mom has passed. I lost my wife in September and I can see how hard it is on my only daughter. She feels she lost her best friend as well as her mother. I and the 2 boys are suffering too, but my daughter seems to be taking it the hardest. Keep us posted on yourself. Don

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Hi Sarah, I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. I too lost my Mom recently (AUG 31) to lung cancer. Like you, I found this site after Mom was gone. I also have a great support system but once in a while I need to come here to vent, rant, sob or read. For me, it just helps to know I'm normal. There are lots of people who have been through the same things we have and have similar reactions.

I still find it hard to believe that my Mom is gone too. I empathize with you because you didn't even get a chance to get over the shock of diagnosis. It was almost a year that we found out Mom likely had lc.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. If you're like me, you'll have good days and bad. I let myself feel crappy for a day or two and then back on track. Hopefully we will soon have more good days than bad because that's what our Moms would want for us.


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I am SO sorry. My mother was diagnosed Sept 5 and left us October 5th. She was 56, my biggest fan, my rock and my buddy.

I have struggled with feelings of "nah, can't be, she can't be gone" yet I am not in denial...I know she is.

And then I realize, 2 months ago, we thought everything was peachy! We haven't adjusted to any of it yet. You were only beginning to deal with this in july...that isn't a long time at all.

I hope these times find you having faith that she is experiencing the greatest joys now, and that you will see her again.

I have just prayed for both of us...that we find comfort in this time of loss and for the faith to know that we are only temporarily parted from our mothers.

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Dear Sarah,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Noone deserves to feel the pain and loneliness of losing a parent. It is heartwrenching, I am sure. Please know you have come to a wonderful place. You always have us for support, and you will find such peace in providing that support for others. May God bless you will peace, hope, and faith.


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Sarah, I'm so sorry you lost your Mom. You came to the right place. Unfortunately, several of us have lost a parent recently, so you are not alone. I lost my Mom and Best friend on August 30th, 2006. Two months ago today.

I can understand you're not being able to believe it. I still think "how can she be gone? I don't believe it" and I was there to witness it!!

One of the hardest things for me is that life does keep on keeping on. I have had a hard time accepting this. I want time to stand still so she doesn't get farther away from me. Nick from here said a cool thing a couple weeks ago....maybe instead of her being further away, she is getting closer all the time...one day closer to seeing her again. That helped a lot.

Was your Mom on Hospice by chance? If so, they offer free bereavement counseling to family. I went for my first time two weeks ago. Did it ever help!

We are here for you. We all know the shock and the pain associated with this horrible disease. Lean on us, we can take it!

Thinking of you,


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I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mother. I lost my Mom to ovarian cancer when I was 27, so I understand how devastated you must be.

There is nothing I can say that will comfort you at the moment -- it takes time to grieve such a great loss.


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