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The roller coaster girl....

Tracey Huguley

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Hey guys....

We're still waiting. My husband Godfrey will go to UCLA's pulmonary dr on Tues for a consulation and to schedule the new biopsy's. They will do multiple biopsy's of both lungs...to see what the heck the stuff is that is showing up on the scans...

I'm feeling very tired and emotional.

The waiting is very, very hard. One minute they tell us he's stage 4 and the next...UCLA says he may not even have lung cancer....

I'm thinking how do these people go to bed at night if they don't do a thorough testing....and just give out dx...scream....

How do you wait....it must be unbearable...for all of you...it is for me....my husband seems to be positive and taking this all in stride...I guess I'm just more sensitive....

It's great to be able to come here and let you guys know where I'm at....

Thanks for your support....


Tracey Huguley

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Hi. I see you are in Corona. Have you tried Hoag Hospital? It is a bit closer than UCLA and my mom has had wonderful treatment there. Actually my dad too, he just started.

We had confusing info on my dad's diagnoss too, some thought it was lung cancer, then it wasn't, then it was stage iv, now it is stage unknown.

To give you hope, my dad had multiple nodules in both lungs. One is definately cancer, but the other n odules in that lung are not. So it is possible the ones in the other lung are not. Hence we are on a wait and see.

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Hi Tracey,

I appreciate what torment you are going through. I agree with you. It doesn't seem fair at all to give out information that isn't founded.

The one very positive flip in this is that I can see some very valuable hope in which to cling. The fact that there are doctors (pleural) that are disagreeing with the first gives me pause that there may not be lc there at all.

I am glad that you feel comforted coming here for support.

If you can try to push this out of your mind and be successful without medication ie anti-anxiety meds, more power to you. Otherwise, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask your family doctor for some help along these lines.

Hang in there.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Tracey,

I live in Corona, We may have the same doctors. I can share my experience with you.I have been to UCLA and Hoag, I am a LC survivor for almost 4 years now...


PS Waiting is the hard part, They are right (UCLA) it may not be LC. Must have a biopsy first..I PM'd you...

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Wait & watch IS very difficult, but Andrea's right...sometimes you can have multiples, and not ALL (if any) are cancerous! I'll be praying that is the case for your hubby & that you will soon have some SOLID answers!

Yours in HOPE!!!


P.S. All this talk of Hoag, and Corona, etc. make me miss home! I'm originally an O.C. native of 33 yrs. I don't miss the traffic, though!! :wink:

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