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Business Trip- Updated


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Well, my bags are packed, and I'm on my way tomorrow to my temporary position in Ohio. I just finished an hour tutorial online on how to overcome your fear of flying and am ready to get up at 6 am to get to the airport. Setting the clocks back an hour is going to be a help, but since I'm leaving in CST, changing planes in Mountain Time, and traveling to EST, I have no FRIGGIN clue how many hours I'm losing, gaining or traveling. :shock: Talk about time travel, I'll probably meet myself somewhere along the way!

Anyway, will have computer access, but not sure how much I'll have time for. Wish me luck!

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Thanks for all your good wishes!!

I don't have much time to post but have been signing on and scanning now and then. I am not yet important enough to have a laptop at work so at night I sit in my hotel room and stare at the free internet connection cable!! :shock::? I'm almost tempted to buy one, this is driving me crazy!

Anyway, I was asked to stay out here another week so will be flying home on Thursday. Will post more about the latest then. Glad everyone is doing okay and that Frank is feeling good enough to post his God awful jokes!! 8)

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