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Update on dad


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and give an update on my dad. I haven't really been visiting the boards every day like I used to, because sometimes it can be emotionally stressful for me. I still do visit and drop by from time to time. I hope everyone's doing great.

My dad's last scans (after 6 cycles of Gemzar/Carboplatin) were stable. The doctor wanted him on chemo break for two months, October to November. Just today, that's about four weeks without chemo, he gets chest pains and has been coughing up some blood-- I wonder what is causing this. His oncologist is currently on a plane from the United States, and they will be seeing her as soon as possible. Sigh. After a month of relative smooth sailing... here we go again. It just won't stop. :(

- F

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Sorry to hear about the new development. We had the same coughing up blood issue a few weeks ago, but still don't know why. These chemo holidays can be scarier than being on the damn chemo!

Hopefully things will resolve and you will get some answers soon.

Take care,


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My dad coughed up blood on/off for a number of years. It would scare me so much. They would search and search but never really found an answer. Sure, it could be tumor, but it could also be MANY other things. After radiation and chemo, there can be a lot of damage and irritation to the lung tissues which can cause bleeding. A strong or chronic cough can cause the bleeding. Is he on blood thinners? That can make him bleed easier. They went as far as a bronch on my dad and still found nothing....stay positive!! Good luck to you guys!

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Hi Frances, glad to see you here again. You know the rule of thumb around here, don't go looking for bad news. Wait till your dad goes to the onc. and gets examined -- it could be something minor (fingers crossed). Meanwhile, hang in there, and let's hope for nothing but good news for your dad.


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Hi Frances,

I know you were away for a time. Are you back home now? I SO understand about not being able to visit here every day. It can take its toll, I know.

I am sorry to hear about Dad, but how about waiting to hear what the doc has to say about this blood before you get yourself even more stressed, okay? You know how it goes....step back, take some deep breaths, and don't get yourself ahead of the game. In the mantime, I'll remain hopeful this is not a BAD sign that things are progressing.

Now you be SURE to come here and tell us the final word.........you hear? I tend to get myself all fussed up when I don't hear.

Missed you, sweet girl.


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Hello again LCSC Family. In better spirits, this time.

They couldn't find anything wrong with my dad's xray film, so the doc says it might be pneunomia? He's on antibiotics for a week. The bone scan results are normal, thankfully. I hate that I'm always 'waiting' for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. But it can't be helped. :( In any case I'm always praying there won't ever be metastasis. The Onc says he'll start with a new oral chemo regimen in December.

Dearest Kasey, yes I'm back home now! I had fun exploring Bratislava. I wish I could have visited more countries but it was so hard for us to get visas and such. We tried for Italy and Hungary but we were denied as it is harder to get visas in a foreign country, I think it's especially true for citizens from Asian countries.

Thank you all, once again for the support and advice. :) I may not respond to your posts much, but I do read them. Much love.

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