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really glad i came to the website


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Well today i feel a lot better reading your responses. you guys help me understand a lot of things i was was having trouble with. i didnt go to my treatment today. i just couldnt. i had a bad night,i couldnt sleep, i dont have any medicine for discomfort. i know those sound like excuses and they well be. i think i was just a little scared. because when i went and lay down with my daughter i went right to sleep. what am i afraid of sometime i dont know. i just get scared. does anyone out there have this feeling or had this feeling in their throat like there is some kind of plug in it that needs to be coughed up? i am going to go have a small snack even though i dont feel hungry. talk to you guys later today i am sure. bye.

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I am sorry to hear that you feel so bad. It is natural to be scared. All of us that have been diagnosed with cancer are scared at one time or another. To beat this disease you need to put all of your heart and soul into fighting the disease. You have to decide that you are going to beat it, then do everything in your power to do it. That means that you go to your doctors appointment and that you don’t start smoking again. These are not things that will help. Talk to your doctor about how you feel, maybe an antidepressant would help you cope with the problems that you are having. I had to take one at first for a week or so. I can assure you that there are others hear that are praying that you get the treatment that will bring you through this. I will be one of them, I will pray that you stop smoking and have an easier time and make your appointments.

Stay positive,


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Hi Cindi, Glad to hear you are having a better day. That's a good start. Now I want you to sit down and write out everything you want from your doctor tomorrow. Tell him you want an anti depressent (I take Lexapro and it worked immediately), tell him you want carafate for you throat, tell him you want mircle mouthwash and magic mouth wash for you mouth and throat, tell him you want roxicet for pain. I put 2 teaspoons in a 24 oz water bottle and drink it over 4-5 hours. Get my water and can swallow too. Tell him you want silver sulfadiazine cream for your radiation site. Tell him you are NOT leaving his office untill he make you more comfortable at home. Now make sure you go to the doctor tomorrow and everyday. Missing treatment is not good. And they can't help you if you are not there. You had such a fighting attituide when this started and we're going to find it again. I know that the more you stop doing, the easier it is to do nothing. Depression feeds on its self and it opens you up to other sicknesses and ills. You need to grab your boot straps and pull, baby, pull. Get out in the back yard and walk in circles. Walk around the block, walk around the livingroom. The more enegry you expand, the more you'll get back. Go, go, go!!! I'm personally going to be your little cheerleader through this, Cindi. I'm not going to let you give up. Go to insperation and read my "God's mysterious work". Hugs and prayers to you and your daughter. Love, Liz

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We are all in this with you....

I'm sorry you have felt afraid...depressed....

Sometimes a walk outside helps to clear the air...I've experienced depression before...not fun....so do something contrary to the depression...it helps....

A pedicure, massage, something for you.... :lol:

Just think that we are all the wind beneath your feet/wings and we'll carry you through this....take us all with you to your appts....etc...


Tracey Huguley

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