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Song for all of you...


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Not that I needed anything to make me cry, but that sure helped flush the tear ducts. :) And appropriately enough for me to see this thread revived today, as I just finished signing up my team, Kelly's Posse (get it, my sister Kelly has a whole Posse behind her!) and of course signing myself up to ride in the 2008 Livestrong Challenge bike ride in Philly. Three of us rode last year and I'm aiming for a bigger team this year, as I think I have nephew and a couple nieces interested. It was a wonderful experience and definitely a real challenge!

Thanks for sharing the song and video, they are wonderful.

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They have that song on the livestrong site where you can make your own videos, with their pics/videos and your own pics and videos. I made one for our 2007 ride, though I didn't find it real user friendly, or else I really am that dumb. ;) I plan to find a program that will give me more flexibility, including saving it as a video which I can't do from this program. And this year I have to be more aware of getting some good pics and some videos of my own, which I didn't last year.

The link was too long and this was the only way I could get it clickable. :)


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Randy: I'm so glad you're feeling better today but feel bad I didn't know you weren't! Been away for infusion and got out of touch, but please, tell a newcomer the history of "bump." Inquiring minds want to know!

Judy in Key West

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Katie, I want to let you know that after I read the posts concerning "Emotions...," my eye caught the tag at the top of the page.

The Livestrong tape now plays softly in my mind - just beautiful.

My favorite line, I am staring down the unknown, but one thing is certain.

You could break my body, but you will never break my soul.

Thank you, Katie, for all of your warm and caring ways,


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