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Tim- Hospice


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I am having a hard time writing this ....we got to go to the beach on Saturday, but Tuesday morning Tim had weakness on his right side and was confused. He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital up there and then transferred later that day to UMass Memorial back here in Worcester. They found that the cancer in his brain has grown and now tell us that any more chemo or radiation would be of no benefit. I have been staying at the hospital with him all week and we just got home today. He is on anti-seizure meds (Dilatntin) and Decadron (here we go again- the drug from Hell) so he will not have any more symptoms...and they told us to go out to dinner, back to the beach for the weekend etc, and do as much as he possibly can do. He is still having trouble walking- they gave us a hospital bed so he will not have to climb all the stairs to the 2nd floor and a wheelchair in case he wants to go out, but is using a walker around the house. Physical Therapy will start next week to help him build himself up again.

Dr. Edmiston (his Onc) was wonderful in the way she told us and we will never forget her. I had made her an afghan. (Tim's idea), and we gave it to her the night after she told us (with a card telling her how amazing she had been to us) and she said "Driving home last night I said to myself I cannot do this job any more...and then I find people like you and then I know why I do this"

He was sent home with Hospice. We just have to enjoy what ever time we have left. And he did get to the beach like he wanted.

He has been so brave through all of this, it is amazing, I only hope that I can be as strong....please include us in your prayers.....



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Sorry to hear that the brain mets have grown. Your Dr is right, "live' all the time you have, enjoy what you can, have no regrets, would have, should have etc. Please keep us posted on how the beach went and how you are doing. Donna G

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I am praying for you. If you need to talk to someone, we're here. E-mail me or PM me or call me. (((HUGS)))



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I am lost for words. I will pray so hard for both you and Tim for this is very hard times... :cry:

What can one say right now except to say, take each day to the fullest with love for one another. I am tearing as I am writing this for I have been there before and God knows it is horrible, so why????? I to am with you and you can pm me or phone me any hour day or night.

I feel like I have known everyone on this board who posts as a dear friend and it really hurts me to know what is happening to both of you..I pray that God helps you both through this in a gentle, caring and loving way....

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Dear Kathy,

So often on this board I wish I had a magic 'cure' wand. This is one rotten disease.

I am so sad about Tim's condition. Take each day as a miracle. Hold each other, talk about the wonderful times, love each other.

One of the biggest surprises I had as an adult was that life wasn't fair. I expected hard, but I also expected fair. Anybody reading the posts here would know that life is far from fair.

You and Tim will be continued in my prayers, especially you Kathy, this must be extremely hard.

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Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that you and Tim are included in my prayers. I hope that you both create some more beautiful memories together. I am so sorry that the disease has progressed. Your doctor sounds so nice, it is great that you have such a wonderful rapport with her. Please keep us posted and let us know if you need ANYTHING. Take care, deb

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