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Scan Results - No tricks, just treats!


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Why can't they just say the right hilar mass is GONE? Why do they have to say "the large right hilar mass seen on older studies has resolved visually and there is no residual hilar mass identified"? Just once I'd like them to say "NED"!

Other buzz words on the report: "inactive tumor", "stable", "no evidence of spread". The sound of those words was better than the taste of chocolate truffles!

Next onc. appt. and PET in 3 months. Till then I'll continue to do the Survivor Strut (similar to the Dana Carvey character Church Lady's Superior Dance but with more attitude)!

Wishing nothing but good news to everyone out there. Happy Halloween!


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You go out there and strut your stuff, Trish :wink: ! Maybe they didn't say it, and maybe it wasn't written down on the report, but girl, you are NED!!!!! Glad to share him with you. In fact, I may just strut some stuff too!!!!! (That may be a very scary thing :roll: )


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