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IXABEPILONE - Phase 1 Trial


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There are 12 trials recruiting right now for this drug and combinations. Click on the Link to be redirected to Government site with all 12 and you can search based on conditions of Dads trials from there;

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search ... EB5B451B8A

This is for Phase II but it indicates study has been completed.

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/N ... 16?order=1

Bristol Meyers Link for Clinical triial of this drug;

http://ctr.bms.com/ctd/InitTrialDetailA ... =CA163-085

Also With another Type Of Chemo;

http://ctr.bms.com/ctd/InitTrialDetailA ... =CA183-008

Hope this helps some. Let me know if I can help with anything.

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Thanks for all the links. I wonder if this is where my husband looked as well. Yes, I see the trials you describe.

As a side note, today the Dr said that there are 3 different groups A, B, C of drugs and we would using Group A. Also, he mentioned that at one point this did go into Phase II, but they learned some more things and moved back into Phase I (or something like that notes are in car), hence probably why that one shows as closed

Will advise how it goes.

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Same effects as Round 1, perhaps even earlier.

Some temp after about 3-4 days, and the pain in the tongue came back. Started right away on meds, but just recovering after more than a week. He doesn't think he will continue this route. Will be assessed again 1 week from Monday before next round.

This week catscan (lets see if this helped at all) and a MRI because his side has been hurting. Hopefully no spread to bones or other parts - wish us luck.

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Prayers, Luck, Positive thoughts, and thanks.

The reason I say thanks is that I feel it takes a lot of courage to try something through a clinical trial. I feel participants in trials should think of themselves as pioneers and not Guineau Pigs. Should be proud of trying this rather then not trying this. This is why we need som many for trials because of late diagnosis and lack of willingness to participate. Thanks again, Hope and pray for improvement. Keep us posted.

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