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Ada Waddell


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Dear Friends,

Jim Waddell just called me and told me the very sad news that Ada died today. She had fought a long and courageous fight.

I never met Ada in person but we had become phone buddies. How do you love a person you never met - I don't know, but I sure loved Ada. She was so wise and so kind.

She had started a clinical trial recently - just hoping for remission. Jim said that she couldn't have her second treatment because of low blood counts and had to be hospitalized a couple of times.

All of her family was with her. Ada told me everytime we talked that her Jim was the best man ever. She passed way too young. But, I believe that she left an everlasting part of herself in the heart of anyone who knew her.

She fought hard, but Jim said that she was at peace. We know she is in heaven talking to God about all of her friends here on the board. I am now talking to God to grant her family comfort and peace.

I love you Ada.

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My God, this just breaks my heart. I've been looking out for her posts the past days and had been wondering about her. She'll be included in my prayers. I will miss her. My thoughts and condolences to her family.

Eternal Rest grant unto her O Lord,

And let Your perpetual Light shine upon her.

May Ada Waddell and the Souls of the faithful departed through the

mercy of God rest in Peace. AMEN.

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The short time that I have been on this board, I have always been refreshed by Ada's posts, she seemed like such a fighter and was always such a motivator.

My sympathies to those of you who knew her longer and better..as sad as I feel, I know you must feel sadder.


47 years old

Stage 1a-nsclc

Surgery June 16, 2003- mid & upper lung removed

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Shocked would sum it up.. This is a sad time and Ada will be missed. Seems so sudden and a real shock, she had just posted on the board in reply to Katies Dad on the 6th of Sept.

She was so nice and caring with each correspondence..

We will miss you ADA!!!

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I am grief stricken. Ada was a beautiful person, inside and out. I LOVED reading her posts; her messages were always so gently uplifting and insightful. I had just PMed her a few days ago and received a short response, but had no inkling that the end was so near. Her passing leaves a great empty hole in this community's membership and in my heart.

Still thinking of you and sending love your way, Ada.

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I am so sorry we have lost Ada . I will miss seeing her face, reading her kind words, she worried and prayed for everyone. 54 yrs old, 2+ yr battle, we will miss her. May her family have peace. Donna G

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