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good news, bad news, and then more good news

Joe B

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ok. I have alot to report.

CT scan and MRI last Saturday.

1. Good news; CT scan is stable since last scan (5months ago) all 10-12 nodules remain very small (6mm or less), and I haven't even tried tarceva yet

2. Bad news; Large mass 6CM x 4CM X 4CM shows on on brain MRI. We we were at first devastated...(only had a CT of head once back when this all first started 3 + years ago.

3. However, More good news !! yesterday after reviewing films with two seperate highly respected Radiation oncologists.... the mass is encapsulized and may not be a met at all (may be benign or a separate primary indolent brain tumor(in fact it is certainly very atypical to have a single large Met associated with BAC.

Both belive it is "highly resectable" (meaninng surgery looks to be the way to go, and that it is in an easy spot to get at (back of the head near the edge of the skull) that doesnt affect personality or cognitive functioning (which explains why I have no symptoms). WORST case is that it is in an area to is associated with vision, and I may lose some field of vision in one eye-- but that would be worse case.

So... we are very encouraged and are praising God that it is operable and in a good location and is a single tumor.

Probably will have surgery next week after meeting with various neurosurgeons the end of this week and early next week.

All in all things are looking very positive, and the lungs really are not a concern to anyone at all.

I am doing great and in very good spirits I'll keep you posted as dates develop. Joe

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Wow... :shock: That must have been a lot to take in when getting your results. Your prognosis sounds great and I wish you a highly successful surgery with no negative side effects. And if your worst case scenario does come true, I will let you know that I have lived most of my life without vision in my left eye and you learn to adjust.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about how well it went.


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I have been so thinking about you and praying for you. When people stay on my mind the next thing is that I hear from them and voila here you are. I pray that this surgery goes well and that you have no further complications. Thank you for the update. I will be keeping you in prayer.

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Well, Joe, certainly NOT what we wanted to hear, but I am glad that they found it - with the lack of symptoms, it could've gone unchecked for some time longer - now you have options, and the ability to have it resected. I pray your surgery will go well, and that you will suffer NO long term effects! Your wonderful attitude is truly a testament to your strong faith - I just KNOW that strength of faith will bring you through this, too!

Prayers for healing!!!


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I love your attitude and I love your results so far. You certainly have come a long way.

I could imagine your demeaner when your first heard the distressing news now it being change for positive results...

That is GREAT new!

Maryanne :wink:

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Only on this site, is brain surgery good news! Sorry to hear about the nasty bugger though and I hope you get through surgery seemlessly. Good luck Joe!

I teared up on 2...reminded me of the news when I heard it about mom...and my heart warmed to read three.

Yes, only on this site is brain surgery good news. But I am sure this is all still a lot. And I am impressed with the attitude which comes through your post.

Bless you and may we all exhibit the faith and thankfulness you have. In the face of challenging news, you took time to see the blessing.


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