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Momento from N. Dakota


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Hi Everyone,

I'm visiting my pops in N. Dakota from sunny (and warm) California. When I stepped off the plane I felt like it was still 1988 (the year I left). I came across this funny bumper sticker in the local dollar store:

"My mom went to a monster truck rally and all I got was this stupid mullet."

Yes folks, the mullet is still going strong in ****, N. Dakota (I'm protecting the town's name for fear of future retaliation on my family).

If I have offended monster truck lovers and mullet wearers, accept my apologies and sympathy!


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Every summer we took a 3 week vacation to North Dakota to visit family and my parents friends. I went back this July for the first time in ten years and it was exactly the same except the Jamestown mall has a Walmart and they also have the white buffalo. :)


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