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Hospice finially, but too real

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Gwen - I am so sorry it has come to this. I think it is EXPECTED for you to feel all undone. It is a culmination of a lot of emotions but it is the right and loving thing to do. Allow yourself some time to be undone.

I agree with Deb. The book Final Gifts is a good one to read and helps you to find a bit of peace in this difficult time.

Good Luck,


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I'm so sorry. It is a difficult step and feeling undone, well I get that.

Hospice is there to help you through, not to take over, so you will still be right there.

I pray you find some sweet moments to carry you through and that hospice is helpful for you both.

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Gwen, My mom just started hospice care.We have met several members of the team and I will say I feel blessed as I could not have hand picked better people to be the ones to help her and the rest of the family through this transition. Death is just a transition into a new experience for our spirits. I believe we are spititual beings having a human experience.While I will miss my mom more then I can say I can accept that she will just be continuing on in her lifes journey.

Starting hospice does not mean death but rather a shift in the focus of care from treatment to that of providing comfort for what time is left in one's physical or human life.

I see several people recommended the book Final Gifts do get it as it is a fantastic book to read. Take care and know you are not alone.JanMarie

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