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Results from Mom's PET scan today. The good news is her primary is in check still--not significantly changed.

Unfortunately there is an area on her hip that is "markedly advanced" and is apparently eating into the bone. We didn't even know it was there. I just hate that--sounds like it may get painful. She thought the pain there was from 'sleeping wrong'. For now they are watching it, and repeating the PET in a couple of months.

She will continue with her Gemzar rounds--every two weeks--as she has since summer. They will also do an MRI of her brain, since she has had so many problems with headaches. I pray that it is just allergies, or lack of O2. She will go back to the pulm. to assess her breathing problems.

I hope they can find some answers for her. I'm trying very hard not to get sucked into depressive thoughts. Pray for us!


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I'm going to ask about the Zometra. That's why I love you folks so much! Radiation on her skull really zapped her last time, so I think (my brother went with her, not me) that they want to see if it is progressing or if the Gemzar will work.

Mom goes back in two weeks. I'll ask these good questions then! Thank you guys so much!

:) Kelly

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Hi Kelly,

I've been on Zometa since I began treatment. I am interested in when they recommend that radiation be given. How bad should the pain be? If it affects how you get about your normal life - I would probably ask for radiation.

Good luck.


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