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Prayers needed


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I am not sure how I am doing with the return of Mike's cancer since I haven't really reacted. My kids are having a hard time with this I think, because they are acting different. Not that I am surprised, but I just wish they didn't have to go through this. They are 11 and 5 now and it is not any easier.

Mike's dad is a minister and Mike and I have been working with the youth group at the church for about 5 years. Some of these kids are like our own. When he told them this evening, I felt like I had 15 kids. They were all crying uncontrollably and running to me to make it better. Of course all I could do was hug them and cry with them.

We have had a rough day and all of us could use any extra prayers you have. Pray for my family and the teens at our church. It is not fair that my kids have to endure this and the kids at the church reacted more like I thought our kids would. Mike's cancer is effecting more than just our family, but 15 other innocent children too. Please pray for all of us if you can!


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Prayers from under the Carolina Blue Skies this morning. I is good that the kids in the group have that much love for someone I think and that they know and care that much about him. Prayers and Blankets from the dryer for comfort.

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Oh Kim..

What can I say... I know how you are feeling as Joel's also came back, but we feel his is now under contro. He had another operation he will start chemo again next Tues.

But my heart goes out to you and all the kids as Mike did have an advanced stage and he was doing so well for so long. I am so sorry to hear this news. :cry:

Yes, Iam sending mega prayers for your family and your extended one. Praying for some good changes in his diagnosis.


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I am so sorry your children have to endure this :( It is not fair at all.

As for not reacting, we didn't react that much to my dad's diagnosis. We cried hysterically that day for a bit, and then stopped feeling, we were numb if that makes sense.

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Thanks for all the prayers. We are all coping better now and we are ready to fight now. Nervous about what is to come, but still ready to move forward.

Mike and Bauner have been hunting every chance they have had since we found all of this out and yesterday at the very end of the day, they got a doe. They were both excited. I hope that Mike will be up to more after treatment starts.

Thanks again!

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