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Tim's test results!!!


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We went to the oncologist today and the Dr. came in and said he had good news! The Pet scan showed more shrinkage in the main tumor - and the one lymph node that had lit up before was gone!!!

I asked about the SUV (is that right?) level, because I had seen a lot of people talking about it on this site, and he said it went down from 5.5 to 4.8. Can someone explain that to me?

Anyway, thank you all for being here, and your good thoughts and prayers. We know we haven't won the war, but we're going to celebrate the winning of one small battle tonight!!!!!!!!!


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SUV stands for Standardized Uptake Value. Standardizing this information allows comparisons over time. It takes into account the person's weight, sugar level at the time of testing, and the amount of radioactive material used. How does it do this? I HAVE NO IDEA!


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