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Daggiesmom has returned FULL FORCE


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Hiya everyone, it's me coming to you from my HOME COMPUTER! I hope I can remember how to type! Brian took me home today - thank heavens for him. And thank you all for all your prayers and support - obviously I really needed a few good words and, as usual, I knew I could count on all of you.

It'll take me a while to do reading and try to catch up on everything, but I'll try.

Well just wanted to say hi and now I'll hit the couch and watch CSI for awhile (even though I've probably seen every episode by now!) :):)

Joanie ((()))

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Joanie :lol: !!!!!

Gotta tell you I just LOVE your Brian :wink: ! You have NO idea how HAPPY I am to hear you are on your own couch watching TV. Now take it easy and work your way back....slowly but surely, okay?

Makes me feel just great knowing you are with all of US again.


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I broke out in the biggest smile when I saw your post. I am sooooo thrilled you got out of dodge and you are home and comfy in your hown house.

WELCOME HOME, JOANIE!!!! We missed you so much.

Thank Brian for keeping us updated. You certainly have someone by your side who loves you so much.

Now just rest and take it easy.

Maryanne :wink:

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Joanie, your post just made my day and brought a really big smile to my face!!! I am so very happy to know that you're home and feeling much better! You and Brian are so very lucky to have each other. I think it's so sweet the way he keeps us updated when you're in the hospital or not feeling well. I know he's very happy to have you home with him!

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