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New Game - Song Titles


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Music - Common Word in Title

Find a common word in a song title and make another song title using one of the words. Put the common word in all CAPS.

The Way We Were


***Next person names a song that has either the words MY or Way in the title. Remember to CAP the word you are using.

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Once upon a TIME

Artist: Kevin Spacey Lyrics

Song: Once Upon a Time Lyrics

Once upon a time

A girl with moonlight in her eyes

Put her hand in mine

And said she loved me so

But, that was once upon a time

Very long ago.

Once upon a time

We sat beneath a willow tree

Counting all the stars

And waiting for the dawn

But, that was once upon a time

Now the tree is gone.

How the breeze ruffled through her hair

How we always laughed

As though tomorrow wasn't there

We were young

And didn't have a care

Where did it go?

Once upon a time

The world was sweeter than we knew

Everything was ours

How happy we were then

But, somehow once upon a time

Never comes again.

Here are the lyrics - so pretty. Barb

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