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Just found out Sister has Adnocarcinoma Lung Cancer

Guest Ideawizard

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Guest Ideawizard

Hi, I welcome your help...

We just found out my step-sister karen has cancer in her back, shoulder and, adnocarcinoma of the lungs. We do not know what stage yet. although one doctor said only a year to live with treatment. They are doing a biopsy today as you can understand my family is in shock. On this subject, I am totally ignorant of resorces of what to do. I feel powerless but I want to do all for her that I can. She is a sweet soul/mother/bass guitariest of her own rock band. . she even gave a transplanted kidney to my step father that allowed him to live another 10 years. She is in detroit at beumont hospital and I am am in another city. Since I am the only one in my Native american family that is internet savy I am trying to gather usefull information and ways to support my sister and family.

If you have any usefull links or information that you have experience with good resources (it doesnt have to be just excellent western medicine info although that is very usefull) but ways to keep her spirits up as well I would appreciate it. perhaps the information we gather would be a usefull resource for others who find their family members in a health challenge situation.

Here are some ideas that I am looking for examples of and more info on so far,

I am open to other suggestions,

Some thoughts so far :

1) examples of the most usefull Cancer survior newsgroups links-

2) a tape recorder (model?) so she can listen to inspiring tapes I get or make for her (healing, comedy and music) and so she can record tapes on the same machine..

( I thought this made more sense than a cd as she can record to on the same machine and it is cheaper)

4) names of Tapes that promote healing ie. bernie segal. norman couzins, etc. and alternate positve ways of useing humor etc. to heal. Western medicine and others accountable genres (although useful dignostically and surgically... Western medicine doesnt know everything about healing)

5) Inspiring tapes or resorces of others who have beaten cancer and how they did it.

5) Other ideas?

Here are some of the links I have found in my initial search... I am looking for the best of the best.

3/21/03 Introductory info first 5 resources:

1) (One page) The pros and cons of researching your cancer


2) (one page) (Fighting Cancer-letter)


3)(Fighting Cancer- booklet) (14 pages- 1 page per chapter print them all)


4) Telephone 1-800-4-CANCER. This is the U.S. Government's Cancer Information Service. Everything is free.

1-800-4-CANCER for the answer to most things you want to know.

First find out what kind of cancer you are supposed to have. This would include type, stage, grade, location, size, spread, receptors, differentiation, virulence, type of treatments it is receptive to, type of treatments your doctor believes it is not receptive to, and anything else your doctor can tell you. Telephone 1-800-4-CANCER. This is the U.S. Government's Cancer Information Service. Everything is free.

5) Cancer Care network

Network of free one-on-one cancer telephone support from those who have had it


All constructive comments and healing prayers welcome....



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Dear Idea,

One of the most important websites for lung cancer survivors and their families is www.alcase.org. You will find a wealth of information there. You sound like you are very caring and involved. In the fight against cancer, it's so important to have a solid and loving support system.


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Thank you for your thoughtful responses...do you have any other tips or suggestions?

Mostly she wants to talk to caring others that have what she has...so she can find out what her choices are. and I dont know how to find them...



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Hey there Wiz. Welcome to the message board. Sorry to hear about your sister in law. Sounds like you're making headway in your search to know more about what can be benefitial in her particular situation.

Might I suggest reading through the wealth of information in the backlogs of each of the forums on this message board. There are many wonderful stories of survival that you could print off so your sister in law could read and see there is hope after diagnosis. You will also find many stories about

people whose doctors said they have X number of months or years to live,

BUT THEY ARE STILL AROUND !! Hope is a powerful thing. Keep us posted,

David P.

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Hi Ideawizard, I'm in the Detroit area also, but on the other side of town. Your step sister is also close to Gilda's club, perhaps you could contact them and they might have some support for your sis, as well as send some one for her to talk too. Do a search for Gilda's club and I'm quite sure you will find a web site for them and I know that they have a lung cancer support network also.

Good luck and best to you both. David A

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Thanks so much from everyone... I could really use suggestions for these catagories:

1) the best links to other email support groups for cancer

2) complementary medicine or responsible alternative medicine links

3) ways to keep her spirirts up, humor links, tapes etc. -which are the best products?

4) the best books for fighting cancer- there are so many which are really tops?



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Dear Ideawizard,

Well, it sounds to me like you have all your ducks in a row and have a lot of wonderful support sites in order.

I know that Ada mentioned ALCASE and I agree with her on checking out there website and checking into the phone buddy system. ALCASE deals with Lung Cancer patients and they are a wonderful resource of imformation for family/friends and patients. Also they will have several sites listed that you may wish to check out as well.

I will also add, that living with lung cancer doesn't always mean that a patient wants to deal with this on a daily basis. Meaning getting her away from this issue is also a good thing for patients and caregivers. It is very overwhelming to a patient and taking a break from it is very helpful and important to our well being!

Support Groups are also very helpful to patients/caregivers. I would suggest looking in your area for either a Cancer Support Group or a Lung Cancer Support Group, however, there aren't that many lung cancer support groups around (sigh)! I have talked with many people that have attended Cancer Support Groups verses Lung Cancer Support Groups and they have all shared that they get more understanding and support from a Lung Cancer Support Group, those that have lung cancer that is!

I know when I was dx.d, the last thing I felt like doing was reading all the ins and outs of lung cancer issues. Some times to much of a good thing, really isn't good!

You will find a lot of the imformation you are looking for right here on this board in past messages. I know it takes time reading all the messages, but I can't help but think you will find a lot of what your looking for right here!

And I might add, stay AWAY from the dreaded STATISTICS!!! MOST if not ALL of the statistics are OUTDATED!! Not to mention, very depressing!

Humor, laughter, stop and smell the roses is very important to a Lung Cancer Survivors recovery.

Good luck and Best wishes on your journey!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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