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I think the time will come where we will think of our mom or dad, or spouse where the memories will bring more smiles than tears. Just because I've seen it with others.

I am not there yet. I don't think I will be any time soon. But that's me.

It's still recent for you. Feel and let your emotions out...it's OK. Give yourself all the time you need and don't try to push to where you are trying to feel normal...I'm finding you can't rush grief.

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my dad was my hero too...he never complained as much as he suffered.

I can't answer your question. I'm 3 years out and for me it comes in waves. More times now, than before, I can think of him and smile, there will be a memory, or my mom and I can laugh at something he used to do or say....those are good days- and after 3 years there are alot more of them!

But still, I can read a post here that reminds me of my dad and his cancer journey- and be in tears, or something great will happen that I wish I could share...

I think we just take life in moments at a time.

I'm praying you have more comforting moments in the days and weeks ahead.

We're here for you,

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