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Boston Walk Sweatshirt


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I want to thank ALL those who have offered monetary support for my participation in the Boston Walk. So I could think of no other way to show my appreciation.

With help from our own Miss Katie I got the shirt done. I am NOT creative, artisitic, or crafty at ALL. Thanks for the long distance help, Katie. And also for the help getting these pics posted! I just HAD to 'honor' 3 very special ladies as well!



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Well, aren't you full of surprises!!! You are definitely one in a million. What we do without your commitment and never ending support.

You are wonderful. :D I know you don't want to hear that as you didn't do that for self recognition, but you really are special. You always go that extra mile. Your kindness definitely does not go unnoticed.

We want to thank you for the idea and Katie for creating that special sweat shirt and including Joel. You made me cry lady and that doesn’t come easy for me.

I can't say enough about our physical angel here, Katie.

Just seeing Addie, Fay and Leslie... what could I say? We have so many wonderful memories of them on this board. Their courage and different personalities will always be embedded in our hearts. I miss them so much. What a wonderful remembrance you made.

I just want you to know that I love you, and we are blessed to have you, Katie and this site with the most caring people in the world!!

We had a fantastic walk yesterday, so many people came out this year, but I will post that on a different post.

I wish I could be at the walk next week. Actually, Joel's brother lives in Boston and he came here to our walk and he raised over $1200.00 in pledges from friends and business acquaintances. So I could stay with him next week, but Joel is starting his chemo again, tomorrow and I cannot make that commitment as I know from the past that some of the side effects hit 3 or 4 days after and I have to be here.

But take plenty of pics. I want to see everyone from here along with pics of the site.

Thank you Kasey and Katie for that wonderful remembrance. Our angels from heaven are smiling down upon you both.

Have a great walk!!

By the way you are looking good!

Maryanne :wink:

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I am not sure if you all are aware that the speakers for the Boston walk are Tracy and Kasey. We are so happy they agreed to speak.

Maryanne-- I've been wondering how your walk went. It was a gorgeous day in Michigan- hope you all had good weather.

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Kasey 8)

What a touching memorial to wear on your walk ! and just imagine, you're carrying me (and Addie's spirit) along with you...

seeing that photo again of the three of us (taken just over a year ago) brings such a smile to my face ! when another member of TeamAddie alerted me to your project, I had to come over for a peek.

Walk proud dear one, you're looking good !


Addie's Shelwyn

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"Ry"]I am not sure if you all are aware that the speakers for the Boston walk are Tracy and Kasey. We are so happy they agreed to speak.

Oooooo... can somebody post transcripts???? I'm beginning to wish that being a "Satellite Walker" came with "Satellite Audio-Visual Connectedness" to the Boston event.... ;)

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Kasey you're one in a million and I'm very proud to call you friend.

You've supported this walk from the very first moment we conceived the idea and have gone over and above to wring money out of everyone you know - and probably a few who wished you didn't! - looking forward to seeing that shirt in person.



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