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My mass is bengin..... (11/8 surrogate update)


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The dr did not call, but I went to the hospital myself to pick up the path and it says "no evidence of malignancy".

I am rare b/c large lipomas account for only 2% of GI tumors :)

I thought I would feel relief, but I don't. I was sweating at night, and that worries me. I just think I am doomed to worry, maybe it is who I have become, but as long as I acknolwedge it and keep my humor, all is good.

My surrogate has her pregnancy test on Wed. I hope she is pregnant!

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Hey A,

I knew it!! You should be feeling relief, big time. That is the greatest news, but will be overjoyed if the other news is also as good.

Fingers crossed for great positive news on Weds. I too chuckled when I read Ry's post. :D

Things are looking up for our Andrea...time for the pendulum to swing the other way. It certainly has been overdue.

Good luck!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Thanks everyone!!! I wonder when the doctor will call ;) I will act surprised :D

The mass was not removed, just biopsied. Removal would invovle chopping out a chunk of my colon, so they want to wait until it is more necessary.

Ry, my mom says the same thing as you! Hahaha

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Well, this is GOOD news. I am now waiting on the GOODER news to hear there is a baby on the way!!!! Guess we will need to plan some baby showers for our mommies! I am just sort of holding my breath for you, Andrea. PLEASE let us hear positive results!


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Wonderful news Andrea! How closely do you plan to monitor the woman who is (hopefully) carrying your baby? I can just imagine. You do understand that stalking would not be a nice thing to do and could jeopardize your career. Just looking out for you Andrea. Looking forward to more good news on Wed.


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