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felling better


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i am feeling a lot better. I am eating like i used to before treatments. I dont get as tired as before. I must confess that this scares me. Is the treatment not working? Or is the treatment working? Why do I have lung cancer and insist upon still smoking? I also have a lot of mucus in me. Sometimes I actually have to vomit to get it out of me. Has anyone else experince this or have any information on why I have so much mucus?

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Hi Cindi, So glad to hear you're feeling better. So glad to hear from you. Your feeling better has nothing to do with whether the chemo is working, it has to do with your attitude changing. And that's a real good sign. Remember depression breeds illness. Remember Earnie. he went through it all feeling good. We're all different. Keep up the good work. I heard once that milk products cause a lot of mucus. Could this be the culpert? Hope the docter have your medication good now. Please keep in touch. Hugs, Liz

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