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2nd Opinion

David W

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After first round of Carbo/Taxol on 8/29/03, and before continued treatment of Chemo/Radiation, I sought a second opinion at KU MED. The good news is, contrary to onc. opinion, My tumor and lymph nodes may be removable. Pending results of endoscopic ultra sound to determine location of lymph nodes to the esphogus, the thoracic surgeon will consider removal of the left lung and nodes. If ultra sound results are positive, two more rounds of Chemo followed by full body scan to look for mets outside the chest to determine operability. Surgery would be followed by aggressive Radiation.

Anyone have any similar experience?

God Bless,

Dave W.

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Not the same experience but many people respond well to chemo and or radiation and become "operable" . I had a pancoast tumor which Drs have decided it is best to do chemo and radiation prior to surgery and after surgery. It will be 6 yrs since I was diagnosed in December of 97. I finished all treatments in April of 98. Your post sounds like good news, becoming operable. We sure like good news around here. Donna G

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Hi, David W.,

I'm stage IV and had my right lung, all the nodes on the right side mediastinum and up into the neck, and a rib removed back in May of this year. I've just started chemo a few weeks ago to hopefully take care of any MicroMets, as I had evidence of angiolymphatic spread this time around (have had two large and one small thoracotomies over the past 4 years.)

I'm feeling much better since my lung-which had tumor in all three lobes- has been removed.

Hope things go well for you.

Fay A.

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