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too much KFC ? Saga continues ( by Cindi o'h)


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By Saturday night, I couldn't stand the way I was feeling and was trying everything I could think of in my pill suitcase to help. Nothing could get it right.

Went to the ER and within an hour, the doctor and nurse team had my heart converted from Atrial Fibrillation to Atrial Flutter by injecting a bolus of adenosine. It stopped my heart for about 10 seconds and got me to Atrial Flutter. Then they gave me another heart medication that completely got me out of the flutter. Cardizem?

I just keep learning about ER medicine and medicine as I go.

The doc admitted me into the hospital for 1-3 days under the care of intensivists. I was feeling so good though after the conversion, that after an hour I decided to go home and get on with the plan of moving back to Ohio with the people who had come to get me. Haylee and her daughter, Katie, stayed with me in the ER. It was nice to have someone with me. (Before, I have always gone to the ER on my own.)

I am feeling a whole lot better. In many ways, better than I have in 3 years. Whatever they did to my heart, needed to be done a very long time ago. It has finally regained a normal steady rhythmn.

Go Cindi o'h!


Cindi o'h

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Heh...I'm just glad to find out she has a heart!!! :shock: LOL

(Ya know I love ya, doll!)

Good to hear you're on the upside of things!!

Sending lots of love and hugs and kisses from me and the kiddo...CLEAR over to Ohio!!! (Pffftttt...and here I was only a state away...now it's two in between!) :P

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I'm so glad that you're feeling better.

My friend and I used to get KFC (we lovingly called it Colonel Crud) to get our grease fix for the month. Soooo, are you eating raw veggies now instead of extra crispy so that you get the crunch?

Take care and enjoy Ohio


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