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satellite walkers...


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just wondering, did you make flyers, place them around your town or doc offices and such and how did that go???

I did, and I got nadda so far... zilch, nuttin, and I think my town sucks. lol Even after a little write up in podunkville news and flyers around town, I got nuttin. I did hit two nice business owners up, that I know very well, and both did promise to donate, which is great, but I think they're doing the offline thing and mailing in a check.. which takes forever to get notice of and may not make it by the walk... owell, just having a pity party, and hoping Cindi's got the bar open. lol :)


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Keep your chin up, Christy. I have met with my own share of 'slammed doors' so to speak :( . ALl we can do is just forge ahead. Don'tcha just love the folks who tell you they will support you and then you hear NOTHING after that :? . If all who told me that did contribute, I'd probably have $5,000!!!! Well, maybe not THAT much...........but you get the idea. Remember we are in this together, Christy, and your effort WILL make a difference.

Love to you and Mom,


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I sent my page out again today to some close friends that hadn't contributed yet. I got one donation--we'll see how that goes. I figure I've bought their kids cookies, candy and supported their fundraisers-- they can support this. Do you have a pledge form to pass around-- that helps a lot for people that just want to give a few dollars. John got $85.00 passing it around his pottery class. You can enter them online where it says "off line donations" and then mail in the form and money.

Anyone that needs a pledge form - email me at rymolyneaux@yahoo.com.

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I have to admit... I was lazy and didn't get flyers and such up or media information out. So I can't comment on my experience.... I kind of wish I had because... we'll be out there walking and nobody will know... kind of a lonely feeling. But I'll be with ALL of the walkers in spirit.

Anyway--chin up. With as hard as it was collecting anything from people that we DO KNOW PERSONALLY, of course it would be tough to get folks who might not be close to you or your story to understand the importance.

But you HAVE made a difference. You are making a differnce. I put out some LC stuff last November at Curves and had a very, very disappointing response as far as people ordering items. BUT I just figured--anyone who saw the display, and saw the flyers now knew that LUNG CANCER was something worth noticing too.

Baby steps. Even your flyers DID make a difference, even if you aren't getting a huge monetary return as a result. You probably made more than a few people's eyebrows raise and go, "Lung Cancer Awareness? OK...." And maybe NEXT TIME they'll be more willing to take us seriously. Seed planting my friend.

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Me too... :(:? Ditto with the donation boxes. I had alot of initial interest (being polite perhaps???) But when it came time for placement, all I received was referrals to other corporate entities for authorization... As has been said...seed planting...maybe. :?

I got sooo frustrated that I actually started another venture simply as a vehicle for LC fundraising! I've started a candle biz for the sole purpose of donating to LUNGevity - a year round fundraiser, so to speak. I'll post details & link in another post, after I've had a chance to run it by Katie, and get approval. In the meantime...anyone who would like info may PM me.

Keep the faith, friends! In time, we WILL be the "mouse that roared"!!! Just "wait & see"...(Lord, I've heard THAT term enough in the past year & a half... :lol: :lol: )

Yours in HOPE!!! (and frustration :shock: )


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Thank you ALL soooo much for the encouraging words!

I wish I could just give you all a big hug! :)

Yes, we ARE in this together, and TOGETHER we CAN make a difference.

Like Val said, just putting the info out there will at least make people stop and think!

All together we HAVE actually done a wonderful job and I'm thankful for that and for all of you!



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I just did the family and friends email thing. I was going to hit up the family again this week, to round up the stragglers, but with another cancer emergency in the family this week, I kind of hate to do that. I figure whatever I raised was more than if I hadn't tried at all, right?

It's all good.

:) Kelly

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Like everyone else I've had numerous surprises with the donation thing.

I started talking to my friends about this long before I ever broached the subject with Rich, such positive responses, such supportive reactions. We got started and the support was still there. I'd volunteered with most of these people for years and they all assured me this was a sure thing, we could do it, no doubt about it.

"What a wonderful thing to be doing", they followed the progress with great interest and encouragement. They even brought the subject up..........then I started looking for the money and suddenly a whole bunch of interest disappeared. Some asked how to donate and then I guess "forgot" to follow through - there's still a few days left so they still have time!!

The friends and family that sponsored me were more than generous and I shall ever be thankful for their support, the disappointment in the others has left a somewhat nasty taste in my mouth which I'm sure won't kill the friendship but will certainly affect my future contributions.

I'm not the only one getting this response, it seems some people have deep pockets and others have theirs sewn shut.....the saving grace is that we've done this without the total support of everyone we know so I guess we can say that we have succeeded in spite of them.

I'm not whining or feeling bitter about this, the money that has been so freely given has put a huge smile on the faces of the committee who worked so hard to get this off the ground. The support that has been forthcoming from everyone on this site has been tremendous, we feel so blessed to have you all with us for this event.

I'm sorry that this has turned out to be such a long diatribe, I shall now get off my soapbox - with my huge smile still intact!!


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