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prayers please


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I have not posted in awhile but I do read this wonderful board all the time.

My cousin's husband has just been diag with LC. A few years back he had stomach and colon cancer and he is fine and all tests show ned. This is a new primary cancer and if you pray for him I know it would help.I sent her this web site also and told her this site is by far the best around.You all have helped me so very much.

gary so far is doing fine and in sept for his three month scans showed ned. two weeks ago gary got a sore on the roof of his mouth and last week they have taken a biopsy of that and another lump in the same area. We will get the results friday.A little prayer would be appreciated for Gary also.

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So good to hear from you!!! I will certainly say prayers for both Gary and your cousin's husband. It sounds as if Gary's last test results were very good and that's certainly something to celebrate! I know that your cousin will gain a lot of strength and insight from you. she is very lucky to have you on her support team. I hope she decides to visit the board. Please keep us updated on Gary's progress.

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