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Small Cell on "House"

P.S. I Love You

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I saw both shows which is actually kind of funny becuase I only watch those two shows.. I'm not a big TV person.

Last nights episode on house was pretty much centered on the fact that the man was severly obese and that his underlying medical problem had to be due to obesity.. i think they throught that LC would be a little twist due to it being unrelated to what everyone would have expected. He was given the Small Cell diagnosis just like the others said. He did utter the words "I never smoked" which would have been a great opportunity for the "doc" to explain that LC is NOT just a smoker disease etc. However I thought that it was odd that they gave him small cell rather than non small cell as a non smoker? They did only offer him radiation which like the others said I thought that chemo was the standard for small cell. And just like the others mentioned it was radiation which might give him a couple of months..

The nip/tuck episode was a week or so ago. The woman who has been on the show a few times came in and wanted to have "work" done. She explained that she had LC and would die. Didn't mention whether or not she had been treated or anything else really. Just said that she was dying. It really was just a piece of the puzzle as the story was really about her vanity and her desire to be beautiful with plastic surgery. It just seems as though TV has come up with a great way to kill people off.. you want someone to die well then lets give them LC because people always die from that.

Maybe I'm just being touchy but these are my two favorite shows and it ticks me off that both have been so totally inaccurate. I don't really expect Nip/Tuck to be accurate it's not really a "medical show" but House???? By the way.. that is the 2nd time they have had LC on House and the first time the person was also terminal..

Maybe I should switch to comedies..????


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These people with LC on TV shows, they show little fear or regret. I don't like that they are telling the public that this is the way someone with LC "deals with it".

Look how Nip and Tuck treated BC when Sean's girlfriend doctor died from BC a few years ago. It was a big deal, sad, lots of tears and then a merciful suicide. :?

Personally, I think it is all driven by big tobacco....and they want the public to look at LC survivors as somehow "different" type of person that faces down death and accepts their fate without "whinning". It just reinforces the stigma about smokers deserving it.

Sick and Creepy huh?


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