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Gotta See This!


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Okay.........probably this doesn't really belong here, BUT there is no You're Not Gonna Believe This Forum :lol: !

Today I had a doc appointment and Fred had a haircut scheduled. So we went together.........to the HAIRDRESSER'S!! Yep......the no donation for LC hairdresser. I went armed with 2 newpaper articles and full of excitement that the Boston Walk will probably top $100,000!!!!!!

SHAMED her into a donation! YEAH!!!! I AM shameless. Glad I can blalme it on all of you!

Just had to share!


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You shameless Hussey you! You're like a little Jack Russell Terrier, nipping at people's heels until they give in.

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!


Very few of you on this site have actually met Kasey and there's something you all need to know.........she's very shy and retiring and not at all the pushy broad that this walk has brought out. Kasey, you're awesome!

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