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I need some good vibes or just pass the stamina


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Just wanted to ask those of you that can spare it for some stamina.. I've been having some health issues lately and I've got a lot coming up.

I'm working full time at the University here in PA and I also bartend on the weekends. Well, I just got hired at Target as well. So it looks like I'll be working my "real job" from 8-5:00 going to Target 4 nights a week from 6-11:00 and then working one day on the weekend at Target and the other bartending. I'm only doing the Target thing through the first week in January.. so I'm hoping to hang in there till then.

I know it's going to be a looooooooong couple of months but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm trying really hard to be positive. :wink:

So for those of you who can spare it I'll take all the good vibes, prayers and "internet strength" I can get. :D

My first time to work retail over the holidays.. woohoo!!

Thanks everyone! Tami

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Gotta admit, Tami, that I am just a TAD concerned. But I do hear ya.....gotta do what ya gotta do. Remember YOU are part of that equation too! You gotta take care of YOU in there somehow! I am sending all the energy I can spare. Heck........I'll send you some I even NEED! Please take care. Remember I am ony 2 hours down the road.



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Thanks.. everyone for your thoughts.

These past couple of months have been very difficult and things never seems to slow down. I have been doing the 3 job thing now for a week. It's tough but so far I'm doing okay. haven't had a nervous breakdown, yelled at a customer or anything--yet.

I also managed to paint my bathroom and start to put down the new floor. So I'm making progress.. I have a weird restlessness and sense of urgency about things. I'm not sure where that's coming from? Just like I have to hurry, hurry and get things done.

I'm praying for strength as I continue through December. thanks for everything!!

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