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We're in the final stretch...


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Alert to General Hall Monitors:

I was surprised to see Kasey's article # 2 moved to the activism forum. I rarely visit that forum and came across her article in the general forum before it was moved. Many of us are not in an activist mode, we're in a survivor mode. Please take this in consideration before moving posts. I don't think there is a need for political correctness while facing this disease.

Kasey, loved the article. As I responded, you've contributed greatly for the survivors of Lung Cancer.

The Boston Lung Cancer Walk is this Saturday. Here is my final plea to friends, family and you guys:

For those who have contributed to our Lung Cancer Satellite Walk, thank you so much. I talked to Dad tonight and I told him we have raised $350.00 for lung cancer research. After a pause, he said "that's only a third of our $1000.00 goal". My first thought was a third of a thousand dollars is better than a third of nothing and then memories of childhood flooded my thoughts.

After giving my Dad excuses for a B in class, he always retorted with "if someone else can get an A in that class, then you can too. " He's goal oriented and I'm in trouble.

Dad's CT scan report showed remarkable improvement and we are approaching a potential second remission. He's fatigued by chemo, bald as his butt was the day he was born but we are hopeful he'll be with us for a long time to come. Cisplatin is one of the chemo's he is on, it tanks his white and red blood cell counts and he's experiencing a loss of hearing but I told him we will learn sign language if necessary.

So for those who have contributed thank you very much. For those who haven't but would like to please visit our link. If you would prefer to give cash or a check, please email me at sott@cass.net for my address and I'll make sure your donation is counted and a receipt for your charitable contribution is provided.

I understand there are so many causes that are in need of funding and our charitable dollars can be spread only so thin. If you can give, we'd be most appreciative.

Above all, please keep my Dad in your prayers.

Thank you,


View my fundraising page at https://secure.campagne-online.com/regi ... ?SID=52064

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