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Oncology Nurse Got A Plug In On The Today Show


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An oncology nurse in the Today Show crowd got a plug in for November being Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the low funding, and that they are on the frontlines and see how underfunded it is. Al Roker said something about his dad having died of cancer--maybe lung cancer--it wasn't real clear what he meant.

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Hurray.........we take what we can get!!! Thanks for letting us know. I sent correspondence to the Today Show when I sent out to all the other media. Never heard anything. Matt Lauer's dad died of LC and he is very generous to the Hospice program in Naples, FL. He's never been public about it though. Not surprised, huh?


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I saw that. As a matter of fact my daughter is the one who saw it but it was over by the time I looked up at the TV, so I had her rewind it. It was awesome, she had to have rehearsed in order to get out all that info in just a few seconds. I thought Al Roker said his dad had lung cancer. Not positive though.


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