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Hi. I am new here. My name is Amy.


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Hi. My Name is Amy. I am sorry to be here and sorry you all are here. My Dad has squamus cell carcinoma. He has gone through radiation, which didn't help, chemo, didn't help and now he is on iressa.Which is part of what brings me here. His face swoll up yesterday and he was so sick he couldn't get out of bed. Has anyone had experiance with this at all? I am hoping to be able to offer some support and I know I will be asking for some too. Recently my Father in law was told he has a cancerous tumor on his kidney and he has spots on his liver(Which we are hoping mean nothing). About a year or so ago, my Mother in law had a melanoma removed(succesfully) and pre cancerous cells from her breast. Anyway. I am A mommy to 2 miracle babies and I have a wonderful husband and I try to focus on them, but I have been very overwhelmed. My Dad called me to tell me he is making his funeral arrangements, and I completely fell apart.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Amy :)

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Hi Amy

Sorry you have to be here too. I don't really have any advice to offer you on the questions you asked but just wanted to tell you that I was thinking of you. Do you know any more about your Dad's condition? My Mum has just recently been diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC so I can relate to the feelings of being torn apart by the news. I have no idea how it would feel to have Mum planning her funeral though. Please keep us posted on how you are going and I am thinking of you and your Dad.

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