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Good News..CT shows progreess


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GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! The CT scan shows a "decrease in size of previously noted left lower lobe mass." Did you catch that...A DECREASE!!!!! More specifically the mass has "decreased in size" and now measures "19 mm in comparison to 24 mm". That is a 5 mm decrease from only 2 rounds of Chemo!!! So we are staying on this course of treatment.

Mom completed the first dose of Round 3 today. The newest challenge has a name, and it is anemia. Mom's hemoglobin is 9.9....so we started weekly injections of Procrit today.

The other good news, is that she gained 1.6 lbs back! Yes, we'll take that one too! Weight gained is always better than weight lost (at least in the cancer world).

Thanks for your support & prayers


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