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"I can't go on."

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I found this quote today and when I read it I immediately thought of everyone on this board, but especially the Caregivers who can so often be heard saying, "I don't know if I can do this." I know I thought that so many times, and my time of actually being the physical caregiver to my Mom was relatively short.

Anyway... It's not hugely profound. In fact it's very simple. But it really said it all for me.

I can't go on. I must go on. I go on."

For those of you who might not think you can make it through this--I will just tell you that somehow you will. You will find a reserve of strength within to keep you going for one reason only--because you have to. Not only is that something that you will do, but it's something that you ARE doing every day, just by waking up and getting out of bed and saying, "Ok! What's next?"

For all of you I send a (((((hug))))) and prayers for that strength to keep going on.

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This is good and simple and true... we are a testament to it

I felt like I couldn't, I did anyway, and I am still here, as painful as some days may be, I got through it.

My stepdad, as big of a butthead as I think he is somtimes, said something simple and true as well (a year ago)

"eventually it will all be okay, whatever road we are forced to travel". Eventually is just too hard to see at times but he is right, eventually either way.

Prayers for us all, for peace when the road is so dark.

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Hi Val,

That is so true... we do what we have too, period. But at least we have our other familiy on here to help us through...

Thanks so much for that Val. Hope you pregnancy is going well. Are you going to find out the sex. If so let us know :D . Caroline is georgeous...

Maryanne :wink:

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