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After removal of the lung surgery


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My dad had his left lung taken out, because of a tumor that was found on his lung. He had the surgery 3 weeks ago. He is doing pretty good, my dad is in good shape so he is recovering fairly well.

The only think he is experiencing now is a lot of nausea from taking morphine pills. This is the worst part for him, feeling nausea.

Has anyone else felt this after surgery, is this normal. How long will it take to recover?

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I had my left lung removed in 02. I can sympathize with the queasy feeling from the pain meds. I would suggest two things. I would keep reducing the pain meds he may not need them as much as he thinks, especially if he is doing well. and/or check with the doctor. Their are hundreds of pain killers out there. Morphine may not be the best thing for him. He may be able to get something else that will help with pain but not make him feel sick. Personally, I can handle the pain but I hate feeling sick-yuck! I was 38 when I had my surgery and I was off my pain meds within a week. Just took some advil when needed. The pain meds made me feel sluggish and I've taken some that have made me so sick!

Instead of trying to hanging in there I'd try something else.

Best wishes to you and your father.

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My husband had a lobectomy last Thanksgiving. He was able to return to work shortly after New Years and has continued to make progress ever since. I've noticed that during the last two or three months he coughs much less frequently and seems to have more energy than he did. We just returned from a vacation in Europe and I was thrilled that he was able to go hiking with me again, although he had to stop fairly frequently on steep grades. I think recovery is a fairly individual matter and factors such as age, general condition, and smoking history all contribute to the length of time it takes to regain full activity. The important thing to remember is that things will continue to improve. My husband had a rare form of lung cancer and it is difficult to predict the future but so far he is doing well and we continue to be optimistic and enjoy every day. Best wishes to your father and to you.

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Hello -

l had my left lung removed on July 9, 2001. The first 3 days I had an epidermal dripping into me. Then that was taken out, and I was given Oxycotten to take. I was discharged on day 6, went home with the oxycotten, continued to take it for 6 or 7 more days. But, I didn't like the sluggish feeling...I'd take the pill, and go to sleep for 2 hours! I felt like I had too many things to do, so I started taking myself off of the pain med...it only took 3 days and I was without them. I think if you Dad is doing this well, he might try taking himself off of the morphine. The worse part of his pain is over...he's well on his wway to healing. Good Luck and ONWARD! Ellen Lilja

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Wow Ellen...we must be twins separated at birth!! I had the oxycotton also, slept also and took myself off actually after 10 days at home!

My surgeon prescribed Darvicet which actually did nothing so I stopped them, so after a week of mild pain and frequenting this board at night to complain, I was okay.

That does seem like a long time to take the Morphine..I concur with all the above and suggest that your dad talk to his doctor about something else...something milder.


47 years old

Stage 1a-nsclc

Surgery June 16, 2003 - Mid & upper lung removed

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I only had the upper right lobe removed in my cancer. I was released from the hospital in 5 days and singing in my church choir 2 days later. I had the epidural for the first 3 days and the oxycotten (or whatever for the next 2). They gave me some Tylenol3 but I never bothered with it. I was in really good shape though because my cancer was found so early, I had a chance to enhance my workouts before my surgery.

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