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2nd Opinion for Stage IV


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Do you think it's worth getting a second opinion for a stage IV diagnosis? I'm certain my diagnosis won't change, as I have bone mets. The question is if the treatment would change and how to decide what route to go. I'm currently being treated at Mayo Scottsdale, but am thinking of going to Sloan Kettering or MD Anderson for a 2nd opinion. My insurance doesn't cover them, so I'd pay out of pocket. I just don't know if that would be helpful or if I just need to believe in the treatment path I'm on.

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Zometa is a pretty typical drug for bone mets.

One thing to consider is looking into what clinical trials are available in your area. The only problem will be the fact that they follow strict protocols.

If there is certain kinds of treatment then that may exclude you from certain clinical trials

I am not sure if a 2nd opinion would change the treatment since Zometa and radiation for bone mets is pretty standard.

Unless there is a clinical trial which by the way are mostly free. You would have to pay for travel expenses if they are in another city, but there are charities and funds to help with costs such as airfare and lodging

I can not really say if it is worth it or not. Depends on how much you can afford it. For what it is worth my mom went to Sloan for a 2nd opinion and there was nothing changed with her treatment.

There may be other options closer like a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated center in California.

NCI designated cancer centers meet certain criteria from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to be qualified cancer centers.

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Sounds like you are on track.

Lisa had good results with radiation to her sacrum. It stopped the pain and blasted away the cancer. I guess our doctor was going by the book on Tarceva because it's suppose to be 2nd line treatment after 1st line failure. We did get a 2nd opinion but the 2nd doctor agreed with the first doctor but was more for the Tarceva. If Tarceva works you should see the results soon. You have to draw a line and pit all the reasons for 2nd opinion on one side and all the reasons against on the other and see what you come up with.

We stayed with the original doctor and clinic in the end mainly because of the convenience.

If you got a second opinion and liked it you could probably still be treated locally with the 2nd opinion treatment if the doctor agreed.


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